Our philosophy is present in every stage of our production. We strive to create soaps, scrubs, bath bombs and lotion products unlike any other.

Handmade Luxury, Every Day™

Bawauna Bath and Body owners with soaps and bath bomb in hands
Family owned and operated

Created with love.

Bawauna is a small family run business owned by a doctor mom and stay at home dad that began with a love of creating things from scratch. Making high quality bath and body products as a hobby we learned two things. We can make better products than we can buy at the store, and our friends and family can’t get enough of them! With Mom’s lifelong passion for crafting and Dad’s hospitality background, starting a business to share what we love with you made perfect sense.

Handmade Luxury

Small batch, artisanal bath and body products.

Everything we make is painstakingly crafted by hand, using only the finest ingredients. We pride ourselves on providing skin soothing products you’ll want to treat yourself to day after day. It’s not just about great bath and body products, we are here to make you feel good.

Soap in hand
Bawauna Bath and Body Shop
Small Business

Supporting our community.

We support small businesses in everything we do. From our hand tools to our machines, our ingredients, our labels, branding, website, and other services are all provided by small businesses like ours.