What makes your soap different from store-bought soap?

  • For starters, many big brand soaps are not soap at all. They are labeled “cleansing bar” or “moisturizing bar” because they cannot be sold as “soap” per FDA regulations. They are made with cheap, synthetic detergents and ingredients you can’t pronounce.
  • Our great smelling, handmade soaps just work better. They last longer and leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed.

Why does your soap cost more than cheap brands?

  • Our products cost more than some because we never cut corners. We use only the best ingredients to painstakingly craft all of our products by hand. Through every step of the production process we carefully weigh, measure, and mix ingredients to our exacting standards so we can ensure everything we produce exceeds your expectations. If you don’t love it, contact us, and we will happily send you a replacement or refund your money.
  • Our soaps are cured for four to six weeks to ensure a long lasting and rich lathering bar, every time.

What is lye?

Lye is naturally occurring alkali salt, traditionally derived from wood ash which has been used for making soap for thousands of years. The most commonly used forms of lye are sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) for bar soaps and potassium hydroxide (potash) for liquid soaps.

Is lye caustic?

Lye in its raw form is caustic and not skin safe, which is why our soaps never contain lye. Lye is used during the soap making process where it reacts with the triglycerides (fats) in a chemical reaction called saponification leaving only safe, skin nourishing elements behind. We take the additional step of adding even more fats to this process, further ensuring the neutralization of the lye and adding to the soap’s moisturizing properties.

Why is your soap made using lye?

Simply put, without lye there is no soap. FDA regulations require that all soap be made using lye and the saponification process. Any cleansing product not made using lye and saponification is classified as a detergent.

Do you have something for sensitive skin or people with allergies?

All of our products are designed to be gentle on the skin but we do have skin soothing, unscented options for those sensitive to fragrance or essential oils.

Can my business sell your products?

Absolutely! We love working with our wholesale partners to share what we do with their communities. Send us a wholesale request, and we’ll get you a price list and further details.

Can I ask you a question?

Please do! We’d love to hear from you. You can interact with us on social media or contact a real, actual person.